Agnew, Mr. Walter Bonds, 92, of Chester, an Army Air Force veteran of World War II, widower of Betty Ray Lowrey Agnew. Bohler, Mrs. Mary Ann, 70, of North Chesterfield, widow of William Michael Bohler. Cable, Ms. Betty L., 86, of Chesterfield. Martin, Mrs. Mary E., 79, of Chesterfield, wife of Russell... Read more
Cabaniss, Mr. James E., 65, of Chesterfield. Carlos-Dubose, Mrs. Margaret, 89, of Chesterfield, wife of Sandford Dubose. Dickerson, Mr. Sterling Johnson, 66, of North Chesterfield, husband of Forrestiner Delores Dickerson. Guy, Ms. Diane Williams, 56, of Chester, widow of John E. Guy. Jarman, Mr. Nathaniel F. Jr., 52, of Chesterfield, husband of... Read more
Chhayrath, Mr. Vechay, 69, of North Chesterfield, husband of Savong Chhaysy. Fandrich, Mr. Larry Lee, 66, of North Chesterfield, a Navy retiree, husband of Marsha Fandrich. Garris, Mr. Robert Lee, 86, of North Chesterfield,a Korean War Army veteran, widower of Betty Marie Garris. Gilliland, Mr. Christopher Channings, 33, of Chesterfield. Graves, Mr. Donald Edward,... Read more
ATKINS, Mr. James C., 72, of Chesterfield, husband of Louise E. Atkins. BERRY, Mr. David Lynn, 57, of Chesterfield, widower of Rita S. Berry. BROWN, Mrs. Helen Anderson, 91, of Chesterfield, widow of Edward Clifton Brown Sr. CREWS, Mr. William Darnice “Duke,” of Chesterfield. DOANE, Mrs. Alice Marie Swan, 77, of Chesterfield, widow of... Read more
DOBB, Mr. Stuart R. Jr., 60, of Chesterfield, husband of Donna T. Dobb. DONLAVEY, Mr. Charles Richard, 68, of Chesterfield, husband of Sandra Donlavey. GOODWIN, Mrs. Judith D., 80, of Chesterfield, widow of Raymond E. Goodwin Sr. GUASTELLA, Mr. Ernest Louis, 85, of Chester, formerly of Brooklyn, N.Y., a Korean War-era Army veteran, ... Read more
Coyle, Mrs. Shirley Jean, of North Chesterfield, wife of Francis Q. Coyle Jr. Donis, Mrs. Maria A., 98, of North Chesterfield, widow of Jose Donis. Goodwin, Mrs. Judith D., 80, of Chesterfield, widow of Raymond E. Goodwin Sr. Gruden, Mrs. Linda, 69, of Chesterfield, wife of Frank G. Gruden... Read more
The greatest story teller of our life time, Charlie Brock, has gone to be with the Lord. Born in Highland County, Va. near the Blue ridge mountains, Charlie had a larger than life personality that will be missed by all his friends and family. Always a world changer since... Read more
Anderson, Ms. Virginia Austin, 92, of Chesterfield. Broaddus, Mr. Orride Temple, 73, of Chesterfield. Brock, Mr. Charles Franklin, 81, of Chesterfield, a Navy veteran, husband of Doris M. Brock. Brown, Mr. Harry, 65, of Chesterfield, husband of Velma Lynch Brown. Corbett, Mrs. Kirsten Louisa, 41, of North Chesterfield, wife of... Read more
Barbour, Mr. Raymond, 67, of North Chesterfield, husband of Hallie Meadows Barbour. Belk, Mrs. Lottie Michelle Griffin, 55, of Chester, an Army and Army Reserve veteran, wife of Douglas Belk Sr. Collins, Miss Verdella, 49, of Chesterfield. Craig, Mrs. Geraldine “Gerry” H., 90, of North Chesterfield, wife of James R. Craig Sr. Elks, Mr.... Read more
BELCHER, Mr. Lawrence Randolph “Sleepy” Sr., 83, of South Chesterfield, a Korean War-era Army veteran, husband of Lynn G. Belcher. BELK, Mrs. Lottie M., of Chester, wife of Douglas Belk Sr. CASHION, Mr. Edward Aubrey, 53, of Chesterfield. CAUDLE, Mr. Robert Keith “Big Daddy,” of North Chesterfield, a World War II Army veteran,... Read more