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    Myths, fearmongering, buzzwords, and outright lies are political capital. Facts? Tsk, tsk!
    People who continue to push the deceit don’t need the truth. They don’t believe that climate change is real, but they do believe in fairy tales. They think the Earth is young, but go to museums to look at dinosaur bones and love diamonds, anyway. They want to slash SNAP funding, which mostly feeds children, the elderly, and folks with disabilities…but wear bracelets that are imprinted with WWJD? They may not believe that peanut allergies are real, but probably think that spanking toddlers might cure “all of this Autism nonsense.” I know far too many myth-bearers who use phrases like “wifely duties,” and “boys don’t cry,” and hate immigrants, but just love tracing their family roots to distant lands! Facts will never slow them, because they just double down on the lies in which they are so deeply invested. Doesn’t everyone have bootstraps?

    I read this article with great interest, earlier: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/10/the-4-kinds-of-people-who-dont-vaccinate-their-kids/409027/
    Access to healthcare for things like vaccines is absolutely necessary. I doubt anyone that is old enough to remember the scourge of polio would argue against the need for vaccines. Quality healthcare is essential to a prosperous society, in every way. Facts matter, and please bust more myths!
    Here’s one…”compassionate conservatism.”
    Or, the notion that “fiscal responsibility” means no social programs.