If you are reading this, then you survived Snowmageddon 2016. We all anxiously awaited that first snow flake; Tim Bullis had already made the...

If you are reading this, then you survived Snowmageddon 2016. We all anxiously awaited that first snow flake; Tim Bullis had already made the hearts and souls of all the children and teachers happy by calling school on Friday, and the anticipation for a huge snow storm was building.

My little family woke up Friday morning to gray skies and cold breezes. We lounged for a bit, enjoyed a leisurely home cooked breakfast and watched as the snow began to fall. Did I mention that Daddy was out scurrying around like a mad man while the rest of us lazy people enjoyed our fresh fried eggs?

This wonderful man got up at the crack of dawn to make sure that he made it to the Tractor Supply to stock up on chicken feed before the storm, and then came home and secured those spoiled rotten hens in their coop and run. They were wrapped up like a late Christmas present, warm and tight with more tarps than I could count. No snow was getting in there to mess with our little breakfast makers! He secured the last bungee cord as the snow began to fall.

After we had a good amount on the ground, the kids grabbed their first sled (a big plastic disc thing) and off we went. There is a good spot for sleding behind our house, so we cut through the woods and walked down a bit. We were the only folks there, the kids had more fun sledding down that hill, and it was hilarious! They would trudge up the hill with all of their might and then fly back down laughing hysterically. I love the sound of their laughter; it’s enough to warm me up on the coldest of days. Of course, when it was time to walk back home (into the wind of course), the fun was over and the whining started. I pep talked all the way home, there was no way I was carrying any one in that snow!

We made it through Friday with sledding and hot cocoa. Saturday was an entirely different story. It was nasty out there. The snow was swirling, the wind was howling, and I was not stepping foot outside of these four walls, nope-not happening. My darlings started fighting about mid-day, so Daddy busted out a game of Monopoly. As you all know, while Monopoly is a very enjoyable family game, it can last FOREVER. Two hours and two mixed drinks later, I was done. Even Jack Daniels couldn’t help the day get any better. I decided to lock myself in the bathroom and take a steaming bath.

It is now Sunday, we finally see a brilliant blue sky (thank you LORD for this sunshine as I would rip my hair out if there was another dreary day) and the children once again can play outside (again, thanks be to God). Today has gone much better, even though Mr. Bullis called once again to let us know that, of course, there is no school tomorrow. So while I have enjoyed non-stop family time for three days straight, I am now anxiously awaiting Tuesday’s mild temperatures to melt this snow, so that we can all go back to our regularly scheduled programs – real life.