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  1. I was there too, waiting for the chance to raise some questions. Amazing fluff job by County and State officials. Hard to believe they are so afraid of opposition that they won’t allow comments questioning their view. Kinda sounds like communism, doesn’t it?

  2. As usual, crooked government peeps! The people we “elect” never push thru diligently to represent us as promised. My family has lived in Chesterfield county since my grandfather moved… And I remember how govt opposed all residents on Harrowgate Rd… It’s really despicable.

  3. I was there as well. The narrative that this is “five thousand high paying jobs for Chesterfield residents”, is getting old. Any qualified applicant would, (and should), be hired. So Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Hopwell, Henrico, Dinwiddie, Amelia, etc. residents are as likely to be hired as those in Chesterfield. But that doesn’t sound as good to county residents.