1. Hopefully transportation by way barges will be most beneficial. We don’t need our highways and byways resurfacing repair cost to increase in this lengthy process

  2. Dennis Estlock on

    House Speaker Cox, your statement that “the cost should be covered by ratepayers is ludicrous. We PAID for the use of it, and that includes the disposal of the by product. I don’t have to help McDonalds pay their waste/by product cost.
    Additionally, closing a VALUED educational facility (Henricus), that educates THOUSANDS of students each year, to aid Dominion cover their backside from lack of planning, is simply a foolish idea. How much are they slipping in your pocket to side with them?!?

  3. This is another insult to our history. No reason exists for closing access to the Dutch Gap boat landing or Henricus Park. The area has been raped by both Chesterfield County and Dominion Power. It is their duty to keep this area open. Under the lower flash ash pit and adjoining marsh is the original Churchland of Alexander Whitaker where Pocahontas was converted to Christianity. I need to see the plans and why a road has to be closed.

  4. Amelia doesn’t need 300 trucks a day for 15 years… Western Chesterfield/Hull Street is terrible as it is now

  5. I would like the James River Association to give an opinion as to the future of the Old James River (Trent’s Reach or Great Bend) used until 1871. This area is under the old ash pond built in the 1960’s when number 6 boiler was constructed. Should this channel be returned to the people of Virginia? It runs southwest from Henricus Road to the cooling pond.

  6. I read this article and other articles but none say if the walking trails will stay open.especially the 4 mile loop trail that goes beside some of the old ponds.

  7. Virginia Citizen on

    Wouldn’t it be more feasible to build a recycling plant at the ash ponds instead of transporting it across interstates and rivers for 15 years?