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  1. Rumors are flying that Rob Thompson, current Matoaca School Board representative is actively seeking the Republican endorsement to run for Elswick’s seat on the Board of Supervisor (BOS). Thompson has already announced he would not re run for the School Board.
    Under no circumstances should Chesterfield Republicans endorse Rob Thompson for the BOS and/or CCPS School Board.
    Why? = Because Rob Thompson has and continues to be unfit to hold any elected office in Chesterfield County and /or CCPS School Board based on his horrible track record and his actions on the CCPS School Board.
    He has and continually violates his oath of office and CCPS Code of Conduct for School Board Members.
    He considers himself “Lord of the Manner”.
    He listens to NO ONE.
    He he rules by intimidation / and bullying.
    He habitually ignores “chain of command”.
    He insists on injecting himself into the workings of administration resulting in his materially flawed and wrong decisions which are NOT aligned and in agreement with his constituents’ base.
    He is on the record with his constituents in the Matoaca District they have no right and should have no access to or any communication with the Superintendent of Chesterfield County Public Schools, CCPS Executive Management any CCPS staff.
    He is of the opinion it is he and only he who communicates with the School Superintendent, CCPS executive management and staff speaking on behalf of his constituents.
    He is a “control freak” and wants to silence everyone and anyone who challenges him or speaks negatively about him.
    He is retired military and unable to separate himself and sees himself as the “Officer in Charge” who issues the orders/directives to his constituents.
    He views his constituents as rank and file staff who should agree his opinions without questioning or second guessing him.
    He is arrogant, aloof, dismissive, vindictive and cannot be trusted.
    He is of the opinion he and other school board members fixed / saved the CCPS SRP. This is an absolute bold face like. The BOS and Joe Casey, Chesterfield County Administrator saved SRP not Rob Thompson or anyone else on the CCPS School Board. Why because Rob Thompson and the entire School Board were greedy and refused to give up anything to “fix” SRP.
    He continues to be in denial about the absolute failure and exceedingly expensive “outsourced CCPS janitorial services” which has and continues to happen under his tenure. To date, CCPS continues to have “dirty, filthy, schools” which should be condemned by the Virginia Board of Health for such issues as lice and cock roaches infestations, feces on bathroom walls and stalls, urine puddles, toilets and urinal routinely not being cleaned, feminine hygiene sanitation issues etc.
    He continually ignores, and covers up for the CCPS Chief Operating Officer for oversight of the approvals and payments of materially incorrect outsourced vendor’s invoices for janitorial work / hours which was not performed .
    He insists on ignoring the severity of $57 million in immediate critical maintenance needs for Chesterfield Schools while supporting and giving priority of over $2,000,000 for Chrome Books for Elementary Schools and 5% pay raises for CCPS Executive Management, Central and Division Office Staff
    He continues to downplay / sweep under the rug the severity of the multitude of transportation / bus issues which have plagued “school start times” and to date have never been satisfactorily resolved, vetted or tested.
    He is anything but forthcoming and truthful.
    He failed to disclosed to his constituents his and others “behind the scenes 18 month work on the Magnolia Green Elementary School and intentionally sprang it July 4th holiday week with the hopes it would sail through.so he could than brag and strut “look what I have done for Matoaca”. Well it blew up in his face because not everyone was asleep at the wheel. The heat got turned up in his kitchen and he got peppered with question after question and the next thing you know Steve Elswick too was not supporting him.and good ole Magnolia Green got deferred.
    He is deceitful and manipulative.
    It is all about Rob Thompson, his image, his greatness and his being “King of the Mountain”.
    This is the complete opposite of the type of person Chesterfield County needs or should have on the Board of Supervisors and well as the School Board.. Absolutely under no conditions should Rob Thompson be endorsed / supported by any political party for the BOS or CCPS School Board.