Supervisors Q &A: Why are you running and why should you be elected?


Beginning this week and running each week through Oct. 30, the Village News will run an answer from a question posed to six Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors candidates.

Jim Ingle, Bermuda (R)

Chesterfield County is one of the best places to work, live, and raise a family in the commonwealth. As such, we should be represented by servant leaders who understand that our county’s continued excellence will be dependent upon a true focus on local quality-of-life issues like education, public safety, job growth and economic development. With over 25 years of business experience in sales, estimating, purchasing, and budgeting, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, sound management and balancing the concerns of conflicting viewpoints. In addition to my professional investment in the county, I have personally invested myself into the community through my involvement in the Boy Scouts as a Cubmaster and troop committee member, in my church community as a Sunday school teacher and an usher, and through my volunteer work at the Bon Air juvenile facility for the last 20 years. Having lived in the county for nearly 20 years, I have seen what has made us stronger and where there is room for improvement. For me, this election is about ensuring that our next supervisor continues the work of the folks who have come before me and most importantly, about service to the county and residents that have provided me such great opportunity.

Murti Khan, Bermuda (D)

This community knows me very well. As someone who has a background in economic analysis, I knew that the 2018 megasite could not have brought a positive return on investment to the community. I am the only candidate in this race who stood with you against the megasite. I am the only candidate in this race who stood with you when you were worried about how development around Swift Creek Reservoir could impact your drinking water. I am the only candidate in this race who stood with you when you were worried about changes in advertising regulations that made it easier for payday loan companies to take advantage of people. I am standing with you now in regard to your concerns about how the Carvana case will impact your daily lives. The vision for the future of Chesterfield belongs to the community. The vision for the future does not belong to special interests. I am running because you deserve a government that represents the community.

Kevin Carroll, Matoaca (R)

Since I was a young man, I have had the desire to serve my community and help others. It is rewarding to solve a problem for someone and restore normalcy to that person’s life. As a police officer in Chesterfield County, I was tasked with solving people’s problems, too many to list. As state president of the Fraternal Order of Police and local lodge president, I was the voice for my members across the commonwealth to the people, elected leaders and, at times, in Washington, D.C. People need to feel protected in their community and have faith our police will keep your children safe. I support our police chief to keep School Resource Officers in our schools to maintain a safe environment for our teachers and students. My experience as a public safety leader will bring a much-needed perspective to the Board of Supervisors. Having a strong working knowledge of local and state government and a long-standing commitment to the citizens of Chesterfield County, I feel I possess the qualities to provide experienced, ethical and principled leadership for our community. Since I am retired, I will be able to dedicate myself full-time to the people of Matoaca. Too often government leaders fail to effectively communicate with the people they serve, and this can lead to distrust. I am running because I believe you must be honest and transparent in what you are saying and be in touch with your constituents. 

Shajuan Mason, Matoaca (D)

Many of our Matoaca families have grown tired of feeling as if they are being ignored and as if their voices no longer matter. My passion is helping others. I have been advocating for others for over 18 years. This is why I became an attorney and also obtained a master’s degree in social work. I have a heart for people and a desire to ensure that everyone succeeds. I choose to strengthen and empower individuals because I truly believe that we are all connected to somebody. Strong, stable individuals develop strong families which strengthens our community! This produces a strong Matoaca! I should be elected because I love Matoaca and genuinely care about her well-being. I’m from Matoaca and made the decision to raise my children in Matoaca as well. I will listen to our neighbors. I want what is best for Matoaca and that includes helping and serving those who are a part of our Matoaca community and Chesterfield County as a whole. I want all of our children to have equitable access to a quality education and opportunities; our neighbors to have affordable housing; and competitive pay for our teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, and bus drivers. Those who are committed to providing services to our district should be able to afford to live in our district. Our elderly should also have access to affordable housing and transportation.

Jim Holland, Dale (D) * incumbent

I am running because I want to help my community be one of the best places to live, work and play. As an experienced, honest and transparent leader, I want to be re-elected to continue growing the Dale District together with the people and other stakeholders. Getting along well with others and listening to people from all walks of life is natural for me, as I represent the people of the Dale District. As supervisor, I encouraged our county manager via our transportation team to find funding for the Jeff Davis Corridor transit service. Research was done and a grant was received to test ridership in the Jeff Davis Corridor for three years. I want to continue advocating for causes such as this to serve and support all citizens. It is evident in my tenure that I am working well with others to get things done in the Dale District.

Tammy Ridout, Dale (R)

As a full-time supervisor, I will be able to advocate for the needs of Chesterfield citizens and the county’s business community in a timely and consistent manner. My experience and expertise as a health care professional and a recognized state and national healthcare advocate will enable me to build bridges among all Chesterfield County citizens in order to make impactful, positive and sustainable decisions for our entire community. My vision for our county includes building a younger workforce to expand business growth. Expanded business growth will increase the tax base in order to sustain a productive school system, provide services for Chesterfield’s growing senior population and maintain the county’s infrastructure.


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