Dale two-sport athlete gets honor

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Following a recent L.C. Bird honoree, Thomas Dale got one of its own honors from the Great American Rivalry series for excellence in academics and athletes. Senior Corrin Gabbard was honored this past week.

A two sport athlete at Thomas Dale,who plays both football and baseball, Gabbard has slowly grown his role on both fields.

On the football field, he was pulled up to varsity as a sophomore. Since then, he’s developed a role on special teams, and he gets reps at linebacker and tight end. Dedicated to his craft, he’s never missed a workout, according to football coach Kevin Tucker and baseball coach Scott Hueston.

On the diamond, he’s begun to make a name for himself at first base and pitcher. His work ethic and mannerisms have won over Hueston despite the two not having had many opportunities to work together due to the lockdown.

“I got to meet him after football season,” Hueston explained. “Talking to him there, I could tell right away what kind of young man he is- yes sir/no sir, intelligent, and very genuine in our conversations.”

Academically, Gabbard is a member of the National Honor Society and of the captain’s counsel.

“He listens, asks questions, makes adjustments, and works his butt off to get better,” Hueston said. “He’s the kind of athlete every coach dreams of.”


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