Meadowville, Magnolia Green developments discussed; Planning Commission recommends park and ride


On Jan. 18, the Chesterfield County Planning Commission heard an update from county officials about the existing Meadowville commercial development and a proposed rezoning of the Magnolia Green residential/commercial development.
In considering the pending Magnolia Green commercial development, Economic Development Director Garrett Hart noted that Meadowville has taken over 20 years to develop. The 1,300-acre Bermuda site has around 600 acres left to develop, he said.
It was purchased by the county in 1994 for $15.5 million, but land sales to date have totaled $25.2 million with 3,500-plus employees and $3.3 million in taxes paid per year. The latter equates to one cent of real estate property tax.
Noting that the county has been criticized by some because of the length of time it’s taken to fully develop Meadowville, Hart said the board of supervisors has been “extremely particular on who gets to go in here.” He said the county has turned down “way more” potential developers than it has accepted.
Magnolia Green West in western Matoaca has about 1,700 acres, and it’s expected that 1,200 to 1,300 would be usable, Hart said.
“We’re looking for more of a campus along the future Powhite Parkway (extension),” he said.
A two-lane road is proposed to get into the proposed technology park, which would connect the Powhite Parkway (Route 76) running north/south from Genito Road to Hull Street. The parkway would split the west and east portions of Magnolia Green.
The extension is in accord with a 1989 thoroughfare plan, according to planning director Andrew Gillies. He noted that the county purchased 1,850 acres for the project in December 2020 and another 589 acres last year.
The rezoning for the western portion would change residential R-9 and agricultural to industrial I-2 for a “technology village.”
The information was included as part of the commission’s afternoon work session.

Park and ride
A proposed conditional use permit for a park and ride, warehouse and future transportation or other building was unanimously recommended for approval for three parcels in the 4000 block of Cogbill Road in the Dale District.
The project on 9.84 acres of county-owned land would result in demolition of the former Fulghum Center.
In addition to 118 paved parking spaces, an electric vehicle charging station would be added, along with a bike rack, shelter, lighting and sidewalk improvements. A future warehouse and building, which could possibly used for the county schools transportation building, would replace the former Fulghum Center building.
County transportation official Steve Adams noted that the supervisors approved $3 million for a park and ride at the site in September 2018.
Construction should begin this year if the supervisors approve the project, he said.
During public comment, three women who live in the area wanted a buffer to protect the residential area. They also had concerns about increased traffic and crime and the impact on property values.
The commissioners unanimously approved a condition that requires a perimeter fence and a sign that prohibits tractor/trailer parking at the site.
Adams noted that a 50-foot buffer would be in place along the site’s eastern boundary. He noted that the parking lot would be built in an area that is already paved.
In addition, a sidewalk would be built to the Hopkins Road intersection to the west with a crosswalk. The site is located north of Route 150, or Chippenham Parkway.

Highlands addition
As part of the consent agenda in the evening session, the commissioners recommended approval for a rezone from agricultural to R-25 residential for 32.85 acres northeast of Nash and Woodpecker roads.
It would add 22 single-family residential units.

Also as part of the consent agenda, the commissioners recommended approval a conditional use permit for a daycare on 1.26 acres at 10907 Arbor Ridge Terrace, located east of Ironbridge Boulevard in the Bermuda district. The daycare would have up to 12 children. The applicant is Rachel Massey. The lot is at the end of a cul-de-sac and has a large backyard that would be used as a playground.

New officers
At the beginning of the meeting, the commissioners voted Tommy Owens of Matoaca as board chair and Frank Petroski of Midlothian as vice chair.


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