Idon’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. I’m tired of debates, Twitter, the media, and this election. I will turn 35 on Election Day this year. In the past I have worked the polls, happily handing out information to those seeking it and enjoying being a part of our... Read more
A fter a year and a half of procrastination, I finally forced my kids into the dentist office for their six-month (18-month for us) check-up. I had been falling prey to the desperate pleas to keep putting it off for too long. It was time to get back in... Read more
The dog days of summer seem to be a figment of the imagination as we begin our third week back to school. Splashing, running, and soaking up the sun are things of the distant past. No more Popsicles and bare feet, they have now been traded in for brand... Read more
I feel as though someone has hit the “pause” button. From the birth of my first child, my darling boy, to this very moment; time has been on fast forward. I can barely remember that sweet towheaded little boy, with curls bouncing as he ran on his chubby little... Read more
Growing older can be rewarding and also depressing. As we grow, we experience so much joy watching our children grow, seeing friends and family succeed, and enjoying the world as it goes through each glorious season. On the flip side, we start to experience more aches and pains, gray... Read more
Cool trickling water, ice cubes clinking in a glass, waterfalls spraying a fine cool mist, the first crisp morning when you know fall is approaching; we all could use a little cool-off right about now. I will tell you that I absolutely hate the heat, and this week is... Read more
If you are like me, then your heart is heavy this week. Actually, my heart has been heavy for longer than just this week, as our country is being torn apart from the inside out. This has been an emotional, frightening, and depressing week. But in reality, hasn’t every... Read more
I have just come from my very last “Word Wall Ball.” For those of you who are not familiar with what a “Word Wall Ball” is, it is a celebration of the kindergarteners who have learned all of the kindergarten word wall words. Word wall words are essentially sight... Read more
As I write this, it is raining, again. I am sitting in my comfy clothes (i.e. yoga pants and a stain spattered button-up) drinking my “digestive tea” as “House Hunters” plays in the background. It is cozy, it is peaceful, but if we have to deal with any more... Read more
We all fail as parents at one point or another. I am fully convinced that no matter how stable and nurturing of an environment I provide for my two, they will undoubtedly end up needing therapy in their adult years from some slight or trauma that I induced unknowingly.... Read more