By Diana DiGangi and Margaret Carmel – Capital News Service TANGIER ISLAND – A teenager wanders at dusk, playing pop hits from 2010 on his phone at top volume. Old men speak a dialect similar to Cornish. The mayor has an office in town, but spends his days crabbing on... Read more
By Editorial Board House Majority Leader Kirk Cox used a few minutes of Wednesday’s veto session to offer his critique of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s job performance. He heaped his indignation on the chief executive’s eagerness to exercise veto power in recent weeks. Cox decried not just the substance of... Read more
By Grant Smith – Capital News Service Virginia legislators will return to the state Capitol on Wednesday to consider whether to uphold or override Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s vetoes and recommendations of legislation passed during their 2016 session. The Democratic governor vetoed 32 bills approved by the Republican-controlled General Assembly. That... Read more
By Kyle Taylor and Brian Williams – Capital News Service In a show of solidarity, fast-food, health-care and child-care workers protested Thursday outside two McDonald’s restaurants in Richmond demanding a wage increase. The local demonstrators stood united with other low-wage workers across the country for the “Fight for $15” initiative.... Read more
By Kyle Taylor and Brian Williams – Capital News Service Officials from McDonald’s defended their company’s practices after criticism Thursday from workers demanding a higher minimum wage. “We proudly invest in the future of those who work in McDonald’s restaurants,” said Lisa McComb, a spokesperson for McDonald’s. “In addition to... Read more
(ABC7) MGMonline – Several police departments are investigating a series of break-ins and burglaries at gun stores in the Richmond, Va. area. Police say three separate break-ins have occurred on March 21 where numerous handguns were stolen. Police believe all three burglaries are related. The three locations are: Hopkins... Read more
Virginia Department of Forestry – Escalated fire weather conditions will be present over the Commonwealth of Virginia today and Thursday. “Strong, dry winds will combine with above-normal temperatures and low relative humidity to increase the potential for fast-spreading wildfires,” said John Miller, director of resource protection for the Virginia... Read more
By Grant Smith – Capital News Service A score of environmental activists practiced their putting Wednesday outside the headquarters of the state Department of Environmental Quality, highlighting the recent controversy over Dominion Virginia Power’s paying for DEQ Director David Paylor’s trip to the Masters golf tournament in 2013. The protesters,... Read more
Virginia’s lawmakers passed a bill which will allow for the eventual production and distribution of low THC marijuana oils in the Commonwealth. After lengthy discussions and negotiations in both houses, SB701, Cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil; permitting of pharmaceutical processors to manufacture and provide, passed the House of Delegates unanimously on... Read more
By Grant Smith Capital News Service:  If the governor adds his signature, Virginians could be fined $100 for smoking in a car in the presence of children. The Senate joined the House by giving final approval to a bill that would make smoking in a motor vehicle with passengers younger... Read more