Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. It is hard to believe it is already August, and at times it...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.

It is hard to believe it is already August, and at times it is hard to believe what you find in my company’s break room. Note…most of the time it is “not” what their family refused to eat last night. LOL Many days the workers will bring in potluck to celebrate a birthday or just because it is a Friday….then others will just feel like making something and sharing it with everyone else. I went into the break room one morning to get my usual Diet Coke when I spotted a cake pan filled with home-made cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls are one of my weaknesses, and I knew I should not get one…but their little voices kept calling to me…until I had to give in. I grabbed a paper towel, picked up a roll and headed back to my office to enjoy my forbidden treat. I take a small bite…hmmm…very good! I take another small bite….whoa! Did I just taste bacon? My first thoughts were that maybe there was bacon in the pan and the flavor just bled over to the rolls. Then I took another small bite …and yes…there was actually bacon in the roll! I untwisted the roll and there…wrapped inside each fold was a piece of cooked bacon. Actually, after the initial shock, it did not taste half-bad at all. Talk about a “breakfast for champions”…this is it!

On another note…

I read this article about how our wonderful government is spending our hard earned tax dollars. The Las Cruces High School in New Mexico was given a grant to buy $14,000 “nap pods.” They are exactly what you think they are…they are quiet places with piped-in music where a student can get 20 minutes of nap time to help them get through those crazy classroom days. A follow up report showed that the students gave favorable reviews [now that is no surprise, backed by a doctor and nurse practitioner who pointed to the research that stated adequate sleep can boost memory and attention thus improving school performance [another no surprise]. I personally thought that was what the bed at home was for. Who knew the schools had to pick up that tab as well? We kind of had the same thing in our school sans the fancy sleep pod; we just folded our arms and put our head down on the desk. The alarm was either the class bell or a piece of flying chalk or chalkboard eraser from the teacher. Fortunately they were pretty poor shots. LOL Heaven forbid if they tried anything like that today!

“Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired.” – Dogpound Wisdom

A woman goes away on vacation and has her brother watch her cat. On the second day, when she calls her brother to see how things are going he tells her that the cat is dead. The woman immediately goes into hysterics, really upset and says, “You can’t tell a person bad news like that. The first day, you should have said that Fluffy was stuck on the roof and couldn’t get down.

The second day, you could have said that she had fallen, but the vet said she would be ok.

The third day you could have said that she died from complications.”

The next day the brother calls the woman up and says, “I have news.” “What?” “Grandma is stuck on the roof and can’t get down …”

That is all for today. As always, be good, do good, play safe, and remember: sleep has its place, just not at work or in the classroom.