Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Hard to believe we are already cruising through October and that I celebrated...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.

Hard to believe we are already cruising through October and that I celebrated another birthday. I know it is better than the alternative, but it is getting to the point that the cake would catch on fire if they lit all of the candles at the same time. With that being said, I celebrated by taking a day off from work; it was a beautiful fall day, and to make it even better, my plumbers came to put in my jet pump/booster pump. Two hours and $600 later, I now have normal water pressure all the time. So nice to turn on the shower and not wonder if I am going to get a blast of hot water or a weak spray that takes a long time to warm up.

I got to work late this morning. I was up at 4:30 a.m. for my regular trip to the bathroom, and the next thing I know, it is going on 8 a.m.! I guess the power went off again for about four hours. I think this is the fifth time this year I have experienced some kind of outage, some brief and some 4 to 6 hours. What is really crazy is that there is no bad weather to blame on the outages. So I am going to get a house generator put in next month. They will hook it up to my propane tank, and when the power goes off, it automatically comes on. I don’t heat with electric so that will keep the cost down. Not cheap by any means; the estimate right now is around $6,000, but it will be better than sitting around trying not to freeze to death in the middle of the night when it is 10 degrees outside. On the other side of the fence, I don’t think my neighbors have generators, so my house might become a free motel if there is an extended outage. They are welcome to sleep on the floor, but I am not making them breakfast!

An exhausted looking blonde dragged himself into the doctor’s office. “Doctor, there are dogs all over my neighborhood. They bark all day and all night, and I can’t get a wink of sleep.”
“I have good news for you,” the doctor answered, rummaging through a drawer full of sample medications. “Here are some new sleeping pills that work like a dream. A few of these and your trouble will be over.”
“Great,” the blonde answered. “I’ll try anything. Let’s give it a shot.”
A few weeks later the blonde returned, looking worse than ever. “Doc, your plan is no good. I’m more tired than before!”
“I don’t understand how that could be,” the doctor said, shaking his head. “Those are the strongest pills on the market!”
“That may be true,” the blonde answered wearily. “But I’m still up all night chasing those dogs, and when I finally catch one, it’s hard getting him to swallow the pill!”

“Don’t wait until you are ready to take action, instead take action to be ready.” — Jensen Siaw
That is a wrap for today. As always, be good, do good, play safe, and remember like a Boy Scout, it is always good to be prepared.

— JR