assaults – 45   larceny-  35    fraud-  23    animal cases –  22   drug offenses-9 miscellaneous- 14    vandalism’s- 13   death investigations-  12    traffic-  12 burglary- 8    trespassing- 5    weapon violations- 5    robbery- 2    injury- 2 ALFALFA LN (23xx block) 05/04/2017 5:33... Read more
Andrs, Mr. Jerry Frank, 84, of Chester, an Army veteran, husband of Gloria Andrs. Arana, Evelyn Geraldine Aquino, 4, of North Chesterfield, daughter of Sandra Anali Arana Rosales. Branch, Mr. George W., 54, of Chesterfield, husband of Linda Branch. Braxton, Mr. Lynwood Kevin, 52, of Chester, husband of Annette Denise Braxton. Graham, Mr. Andrew... Read more
SUMMARY OF REPORTED OFFENSES larceny-  41   assaults –  25   animal cases –  24    miscellaneous-  21    traffic-  19    fraud-  17    vandalisms-  16    drug offenses –  14 death investigations-  9    trespassing-  6    burglary-  5    robbery-  4    injury-  2    weapon violations-  2... Read more
Cox, Ms. Stephanie Ann, 49, of Chesterfield. Douthitt, Mrs. Sharon Karnes, 64, of Chester. Faulkner, Ms. Shannon Kay, 56, of North Chesterfield.. Freda, Mr. Domenico, 56, of North Chesterfield, husband of Kimberly Fahed Freda. Gentry, Mr. Wayne, 73, of North Chesterfield. husband of Sandra Heath Gentry. Humphries, Mr. William E. Jr., 37, of... Read more
larceny- 34   assaults- 27   death investigations-  15  traffic-  12  vandalisms-  12   animal cases-  11  fraud-  11  burglary-  8   miscellaneous  7 drug offenses-  7   trespassing-  3   weapon violations-  2   robbery-  2   rape-  1 ALFALFA LN (25xx block) 04/26/2017 4:30 p.m. – Side window entry. Clothing, electronics, and consumable goods stolen... Read more
Benniefield, Mr. Adrian Lamont “Marty/Cheese/Bennie” Sr., 58, of North Chesterfield. Bishop, Mrs. Virginia Noel, 87, of Chesterfield, widow of James L. Bishop. Bolton, Mrs. Joyce R., 74, of Chesterfield, wife of Mr. George W. Bolton. Boyles, Ms. Gloria Knoll, 89, of Chesterfield. Brown, Mrs. Elena Daaco “Ellen,” 69, of South Chesterfield, wife of MacArthur... Read more
To the Editor: Many caring citizens in our county and elsewhere spend many hours and dollars caring for other people’s cast-off cats, or ferals as many people like to describe them. Most of these cats began their lives as pets, but, because they became inconvenient, scratched the furniture, or... Read more
Summary of reported offenses Apr 14 – APR 19 larceny – 45    assaults –  24   traffic –  22   fraud –  22   animal cases –  17  miscellaneous –  16  drug offenses –  12   death investigations –  12 vandalisms –  11  injury –  6   burglary –  4   trespassing –  4   weapon... Read more
Bradley, Mrs. Jane L., 83, of Chesterfield, widow of John Bradley Jr. Clawser, Mrs. Anna Dale, 93, of Chester. Dyson, Mrs. Marilyn “Mary Lynn” Lewis, 91,widow of James A. Dyson Sr. Garcia, Mrs. Johana, 30, of North Chesterfield, wife of Jose Antonio Garcia. Gorman, Mr. John Donald III, 68, of North Chesterfield, widower of... Read more
I read in the Village News, March 22, 2017 XIX No.32 issue, the front page editorial titled “Cat lovers concerned over new ordinance amendment” by Mark Fausz, Managing Editor. Cat lovers concern was not on the Board meeting agenda. A better title for a front-page news article would have... Read more