Preschool teacher enjoys taking care of pets
For cyclists, joggers and walkers who frequent the neighborhoods surrounding Thomas Dale High School, Melody McLean is a familiar face. On any given day in any kind of weather, neighbors can count on seeing her outside walking with a dog or two or three trotting along beside her. Sometimes,... Read more
Art educator overcomes domestic abuse
ABOVE: Ashley Unger is pictured with some of her pets. “Many men and women walk by us every day with scars from assault in their life,” said local artist and art teacher Ashley Unger. With her enthusiasm, positivity and passion, few would believe she is among them. “Many times, ‘I... Read more
Local architectural engineer is an artist and writer
ABOVE: An example of Nikki Foreman’s paintings. Nikki Foreman isn’t particularly forward about her creative side. In fact, the architectural engineer is reluctant to even call herself an artist or writer, despite having completed countless works of art and written rough drafts for two novels. “I feel like such... Read more
Community enhancer: Cohen wants to work with land trust, improve access to trails
Dan Cohen has plenty of ideas on how to enhance the community. Cohen, the director of the county’s year-old Community Enhancement Department, comes to Chesterfield with a wide range of experience from Orange County, Calif., Atlanta, Hampton Roads and Richmond. He noted that the county has a contract pending... Read more
Hear, ye, hear ye!! Longtime Chester resident thankful for gift
ABOVE: Mollie McDowell and hearing instrument specialist Nick Vickers. Mollie McDowell received a gift last week that was music to her ears. McDowell, 86, was fitted for a new pair of $6,000 hearing aids last week, courtesy of the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation. The longtime Chester resident was thrilled.... Read more
In the Alaskan bush: Local reading specialist and son summer up north
Most of the year, Andrea Sisson works as a reading specialist in local schools, but during three recent summers, she has traded her laptop and headphones for salmon nets and gardening tools, trekking to a homestead on the Yukon River in Alaska with her son, Nick, a rising freshman... Read more
From the Alaskan bush to Chester: Former canine TV star, sled dog finds a home
Andrea Sisson’s Alaskan husky, Donner, doesn’t look a day over five years old, despite having been born in 2008. Few would guess they were in the presence of a senior dog when they see Donner dancing on the end of her leash. Even fewer would realize they’re in the... Read more
Local beekeeper is sweet on his job
Terry Rosvall wanted a home garden. But there was a hitch: there weren’t enough bees to pollinate the garden plot. So the Rosvall family adopted two beehives in 2012. “Beekeeping and everything associated with the pollinators have become my passion,” Rosvall said. What began as a hobby to save... Read more
Girl gets car for her birthday; Chester car dealership helps family in need
Sawyer Perkins, a pediatric brain cancer contender from Mechanicsville, celebrated her eighth birthday in a big way when the Chester community gathered recently at Heritage Chevrolet to observe and participate with her receiving her first car. “A car? For an 8 year old? Absolutely! We all want to see... Read more
Overcoming adversity: Mother, daughter strengthen each other through running and writing
At first glance, Anne and Madison Braswell appear to be the typical mother-daughter duo. Through their bright smiles and successes, one would be hard-pressed to imagine the hardships they have faced. North Carolina natives, their family relocated in June 2010, when Anne’s husband, Madison’s father, accepted a job in... Read more